Portal4tech is a new website for engineers. You can sell/buy series ends or obsolete components and etc. Variety and quantity of components will allow you to find something for you at attractive prices. Check it!


1.    What possibilities offer different types of accounts?
Supplier Account - the possibility of offering products for sale, making inquiries and orders, buying products and advertising.
Customer Account – the possibility of making inquiries and orders, buying products and advertising.

2.    What is CSV file?
CSV file is an .xls file saved as CSV. To create CSV file you have to run Excel and select option “Save as…” and choose CSV.

3.    How can I add products?
To add a product it is necessary to be logged in.
a.    Then you have to select a bookmark “Add product”.
b.    Select the location of the product.
c.    In the available window, find the CSV file by clicking on “Browse”.
d.    Click “Import”.
The option above is convenient when you have to add large number of products.
You can also add product without CSV file. To do that you have to fill the form “Add product” and click on the button “Add” at the bottom of the page.
REMEMBER: It is necessary to provide a name in Polish, manufacturer’s number, quantity and net price. The more parameters, the easier it is to find the product.

4.    What does the “CSV Import” option do in the Supplier’s menu?
This option is useful for updating the names, quantities and prices of products already added. With a single CSV file, you can update the products from different categories.

5. How to add parameters such as voltage, current and etc. to added products?
Editing parameters is available after logging in. Select menu “My products” and choose “Edit” from “Options”. After making changes, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

6. I want to add products, but I can not find the appropriate category ...
If you are not able to find the appropriate category, write an e-mail to with the name of new category.